Happy 23rd – THINK

Happy 23rd – THINK



‘Travelling in a straight line’

On the way home to catch the bus, I sometimes take the path straight across the park, other times I walk the long way around if there’s time. It makes no difference to when the bus arrives…

It made me think of how we design or solve a problem. Do you go for your first idea, a straight line, or do you go the long way around and potentially get lost?

Focus is needed but getting lost is also fun and nessesary sometimes when your finding your way.
You discover new places that you never knew where there, sometimes just around the corner from where you live.
Or skills you where afraid of engaging in because you always thought ‘I can’t go there’, ‘it’s beyond me’, ‘I don’t have time… etc.

Both lines are valid, draw a straight line or maybe try and have a doodle. Getting a little lost can be refreshing and maybe leads to new discoveries.Either path enjoy the way, keep your eyes open, catch your bus and get some tunes on if you like too…

Next time on ‘trev’s a perfect straight line …’
is a perfect infinite straight line a flippin circle?… if you know what I mean? 😉 x



It’s OK To Have Creative Blocks

We’ve all been there. Working away on a creative solution for hours trying to come up with a great idea. We hit a mental block and find ourselves feeling stressed, overwhelmed and unable to produce anything original. It’s tricky to stay enthusiastic and inspired at times like these.

Having creative blocks can be a positive thing, it’s when we do our best work. When we feel stuck it’s generally our brain telling us, you can do better, you’re almost there but there’s more work to do.

To help us we dig a little deeper to find that killer idea, once all the heavy lifting is done. It’s an ideal time to step away, take a break and go for a stroll, go and see something new and inspiring if you have time. Consciously we’ve stepped away but subconsciously our mind’s sorting out the good from the bad and it’s in the unlikeliest of moments that our best creative breakthroughs often happens.

All the best with your creative wanderings.



When you’ve been doing something a long (long…) time, it’s a good idea to step back once in a while and ask yourself if you still enjoy it, is it still what you want to do, or have your priorities changed? So, for the last couple of months, we’ve been working with a business mentor, thinking about Lucky23 and why we do what we do.

The outcome is that we still very much care about what we do, particularly about the importance of creativity in this crazy, mixed-up world of ours. As art college graduates, we may now be at the more commercial end of creativity (though that’s debatable given the status of art as a commodity…), but we want to make work we’re proud of for clients and always pay attention to the detail even if the detail is never noticed by anyone else.

Bringing creativity and technology together drives us forward – there are always new techniques to learn and endless new ways to engage audiences. Asking ourselves these questions has been a challenging process and as a result, we’ve implemented some organizational change and structure, including looking at our marketing and communications – hence this newsletter.

We hope you enjoy reading it 😃

Written by Trev Harvey

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