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These abstract changing landscapes where made while taking our new 3D set up for a spin, its so fast vroooom.


Something a little strange from the planet Z…

This little animation was made as part of a art display which accompanied some colourful cushions. The music track I heard about 25 years ago on my headphones in Thailand lost somewhere along the way. The visuals show this imaginary world of funny strange things.


It’s A Liberty

Our big cheese is currently exhibiting he’s digital art work at the world famous Liberties on the 4th floor. Liberties have brought the work of several artist to help encourage a younger clientele into their store.

Trev’s work is a series of four, using emoji’s to create well known figures.
Currently on display are Kim Kardashian made out of hashtags, twitter logos and emoji kisses and my favourite
Muhammed Ali using emoji butterflies and bees, both provide a vibrant backdrop to the department store.

Go see some original colourful art work with your own eyes.


A true collaboration from everyone at Lucky23 in London and Tokyo, concept, illustrations and patterns created from both locations.

We had fun creating a modern day look of the Japanese legend of Tengu, 天狗, てんぐ.

Tengu is a mythical creature from Buddhist and Shinto religion, part bird and war like.
Its image has softened over the years. Its sharp beak became a long nose and has widely been known to be an object of faith in Japan over the centuries.

The figure of Tengu traditionally appears in theaters like Noh and Kabuki but also appears in everyday life.
It is often seen in local Buddhist and Shinto festivals over the country, representing the role that connects the two worlds, real and supernatural, this life and the after life.

It was believed to be a messenger that brings auspicious and inauspicious signs to a persons life.

Centuries ago when the first westerners arrived in Japan they were thought to be Tengu with their long noses and different faces.
Now we, the West and the East, have totally different perceptions about each other from what used to be.

We started imagining what if there was a Tengu in our time and how they’d fit in with humans in a multicultural environment.

This is our modern take on the Legend of Tengu if the creature arrived in town today, he’d be the new ‘cool’ guy in town;) ね


We decided to take inspiration from right outside our window – it’s lovely out there! Every day we look at this iconic London skyline and sometimes if we’ve been looking at screens too long, our eyes go a bit funny…

…and the making of…

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