We feel – more and more – how important design is as a tool to spark positivity, inspire playfulness and brighten the everyday. With this theme in mind, we set off on a self-initiated project of playing with simple colours and basic shapes. What resulted was a collection of characters. Meet Mallet, Lips, Birdy and Blink. Mallet is the resident fixer and the one with a sense of humour. Lips is the curious one. Birdy is quite cute, quick and very quirky. Blink is the focused one – always zoomed in on the world around him. We turned these lovely guys into notebooks and sent them out into the world. The goal? To bring smiles to clients and friends in this wintry weather. We’ve brought this all together in our Blockheadz video with awesome music composition by Mihai Meirosu @nvisionaudio. We really hope you enjoy this and hope it brings a smile to your face.


Written by Trev Harvey

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